About Me


My name is Mary Baker, 

I have learned a lot about publishing childrens books. There are a lot of aspiring children book writers, that are looking for some help. My goal is to guide you through the process of writing and publishing books. 

One of my books, Better than Toys was conceived by observing my son Carl playing one day with his favorite toys and I noticed that he was not getting the most out of this activity. However when another child or two was added to the mix, then that favorite toy doubled or tippled in fun.

Better than Toys is a beautifully illustrated book depicting actual portraits of some adorable children in our neighborhood whom Carl played with. This book will ask a question of the young reader in the beginning and will give the answer at the end. Then another question is posed for the young reader to ponder. I believe the most critical educational task, is that children learn to read. This book is created with this view in mind.

When writing any book, make sure there is a story, a good story goes a long way.

Mary Baker


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